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Blast Rooms & Mini Blast Room Cabinets

Industrial Blast Facilities by CLEMCOCustom and Pre-assembled blast rooms. Efficient, high-production blast facilities are cost effective and environmentally friendly. They can replace chemical stripping, contain dust and allow for the use of recyclable abrasives. Belt and sweep abrasive recovery systems are also available for large installations. Pre-assembled rooms (14’ L x 7’W x 8’H) can be placed on any smooth floor – no pit required – for a low cost completely enclosed blast system. These are turn-key systems. Package includes blast machine, hose, helmet, blast suit and gloves. “Mini Blast Room” cabinets provide a large enough work chamber for many larger parts with the operational simplicity of a standard blast cabinet

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Clemco Pre-Assembled Blast Rooms

Abrasive Recovery  - Belt systems

Abrasive Recovery  - Sweep Systems

BNP-6012 & BNP-7212 Mini Blast Rooms