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Measuring Blast Machine Pressure

06.30.14   |   Abrasive Blasting   |   Clemco Industries

This article appears in the Clemco Industries July 2014 eUpdate. Contact Fortune Metal for assistance in checking and adjusting your cabinet.


Measuring Ensures Proper Settings or Identifies System Problems


Hypodermic Needle Gauge – measures pressure at the nozzle.The pressure setting/reading at the compressor is no guarantee that the same pressure is maintained after passing through air hose, filters, piping, blast machine, valves, and blast hose. It’s best to verify the pressure at the nozzle. The Clemco HNG (hypodermic needle gauge, stock no. 01232) is a valuable tool. Optimum productivity depends upon the volume and pressure achieved at the nozzle.

Manometer – (stock no. 12528) accurately measures static pressure (negative pressure) in the cabinet system. While installing a new cabinet is relatively simple, there are many small adjustments to be made to ensure optimum efficiency. The static pressure in the reclaimer and the cabinet enclosure is critical. Make sure you have the tools you need to keep your cabinet running well and productivity at its best.Always begin with reclaimer pressure. Correct static pressure varies with the size of the reclaimer and the size, weight, and type of blast media. Reclaimer pressure can be changed by opening or closing the outlet damper. The ideal setting is achieving dust removal without good media carryover to the dust collector.Once the reclaimer is set, static pressure is checked in the cabinet enclosure. Adjust enclosure static pressure by opening or closing the inlet damper. The reading should normally be between 0.5” and 0.75”.  If the manometer is not used to measure cabinet static pressure, with the exhauster running, observe the position of the gloves. A good indication that optimum cabinet static pressure has been achieved is noticing that the gloves are inflated but not elevated off the grating.

Orifice Adjustment Tool – an easy method of ensuring the air jet (orifice) is in proper position for optimum vacuum and efficient media flow from the metering valve to the BNP gunClemco’s easy-to-use tools (19041 for the manual BNP gun, 16893 for the automatic gun) ensure proper adjustment simply by attaching the tool at the nozzle end, then screwing in the orifice at the other end until it seats against the tool. Then tighten the lock nut. No thread counting required!