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Blast Operator Safety - Monitoring Carbon Monoxide

12.04.15   |   Abrasive Blasting   |   Clemco

The Clemco® CMS-3 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm continues to grow in popularity. It makes the blast operator the first-to-be-advised  if his or her air supply becomes contaminated with CO in a concentration of 10 ppm or more. It mounts inside the respirator and warns via audible, vibratory, and visual means. While the CMS-3 itself does not require approval from the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), Clemco submitted the monitor to NIOSH for an extension of our respirator approval, and it was granted.

The CMS-3   is but one choice among several CO monitoring systems. The fixed-installation model, CMS-1, is used for monitoring breathing air fed to one or more blast operators in a blast room. The portable model, CMS-2, is housed in a rugged and convenient-to-carry case. It is useful for monitoring breathing air provided to a single or multiple operators on a job site. The CMS-3 can be used in all blast environments and breathing air sources.

None of these monitors precludes the use of the CPF breathing-air filter. And none of these precludes the necessity of Grade-D breathing air. All operators deserve to be protected in the best manner possible and know that their employer makes certain that appropriate equipment and personnel are in place to provide the needed ‘safety net’ for them.

It is up to each employer to choose the monitoring system that best meets the needs of his operation and workforce. Read more.


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