Fortune Metal Finishing

Major Improvements in Fortune Job Shop

01.07.16   |   Parts Washing   |   

With 2,500 additional square feet and new, more efficient equipment, Fortune Metal Finishing Corporation’s job shop is proving to be a good solution for many customers. The full-service, on-site shop is drawing business from those whose own shops are at capacity, lack the in-house capability, or simply find that outsourcing is the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Expanded, painted and reorganized completely in late 2013, our full-service shop has separate blast and vibratory areas, plus staging space for incoming and outgoing jobs. New MultiFinish drag finishing equipment has enhanced our ability to work on aircraft engine, medical device and other parts requiring precision finishing. Fortune Metal has also integrated job tracking software with its other systems so that shop management and customer service reps can easily access the status of any job.

In the first quarter of 2014, the shop saw a 70 percent increase in business over the same period last year. Stephen Liff, President of Fortune Metal commented “we’re getting more business from existing customers and, as word of the new shop spreads, more jobs from new customers as well.” For more information contact us directly at (866) 449-4160 or