Fortune Metal Finishing

corn cob & walnut shell

Organic materials have a wide range of applications. Crushed corn cob is used primarily to dry parts after vibratory finishing. Treated corn cob and walnut shell are enhanced with various abrasives to provide smooth, high luster finishes on a wide variety of metals.

Untreated Corn Cob is available in 40 lb bags in the following sizes: (Note: untreated corn cob is used primarily in vibratory machines for parts drying. It can also be used as an abrasive for cleaning of building walls and surfaces. It leaves no residue or contamination and is easily cleaned up after use.)

  • 10-14 mesh (coarse)
  • 14-20 and 20-40 mesh (medium)
  • 40-60 mesh (fine)

COB-BRITE is a range of products sold by the pound providing varying combinations of cut and finish

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