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Wheel Blast Equipment

Wheel blasting uses high velocity bladed wheels that apply steel shot or grit to the work piece by centrifugal force.  This process is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing, and peening of many different parts. These include ferrous and nonferrous castings, steel sheet, plate and wire, small metal fabrications, heat treated products, forgings, die castings, small automotive parts and many others.

Blast Cleaning Technologies (BCT), a division of Metcast Service Tech Resources, manufactures a full line of durable, high quality wheel blast equipment at competitive prices, including standard  and custom designed  systems.

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Blast Wheels and Replacement Parts

E-Wheels are ideal replacements for your Wheelabrator.

The e-Wheel™ is the next evolution in blast wheel technology from Metcast. Specifically designed for upgrading existing wheel units, an e-wheel upgrade provides you with improved performance, lower maintenance costs, improved motor life and a few patented tools that simply make the e-Wheel, the easiest wheel to maintain in the industry.

e-Wheels are available in diameters from 13.5” to 26” with varying speeds and configurations.

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Tune-Up Kits and Wheel Housings   



NuckleSaver™  Designed to provide a quick and safe method of installing the blades without “breaking your knuckles”. Any experienced maintenance crew will quickly see and enjoy the benefits of this simple yet very smart tool.