Choosing the correct media and soap for a mass finishing project can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with what is available and don’t do it every day. Whether the goal is to meet a MIL-Specification, create a certain look or profile, or source a product that will be the most efficient and cost-effective, we can help by offering you the best metal finishing supplies available. Spare parts, especially in abrasive blasting operations, are vital to keeping your equipment up and running so they are making you money. Inherent in the blasting process itself is the fact that parts will wear out.

Our in-house and OEM experts help you choose which products are right for your application based on the goals set forth and the equipment you’ll be running the parts in. If parts are available, we can run tests for you in our finishing job shop to show you real-world results. Contact us if you would like help selecting media or metal finishing supplies for your application.

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