Abrasive Blasting & Shot Peening

Fortune Metal has extensive abrasive blasting and shot peening solutions. We offer manual sandblast cabinets for use with compressed air in both pressure and suction (siphon) styles, semi-automatic tumble blast cabinets, automated blasting solutions including robotics, blast rooms and abrasive recovery systems, contractor blast pots in capacities from .5 to 160 cu. ft., and operator safety equipment and blast helmets. We also offer centrifugal (airless) wheel blast equipment, wet blasting equipment, and shot peening equipment.

Through testing in our finishing job shop or with the help of one of our industry-leading OEM suppliers such as Clemco, Wet Technologies, Gibson Abrasive Equipment, and Blast Cleaning Technologies, we can help you decide which machine type and size is most logical for your application. We can also help determine the proper abrasive for specific tasks, whether it be blasting for a specific finish (matte or reflective, higher or lower Ra), paint or scale removal, anchor patterns for coating adhesion, dry stripping, deburring, or just cleaning prior to plating or for MRO operations.