Spray Washers

Spray washers are just as the name implies, with pumps spraying heated aqueous solutions to clean various contaminants from parts to prep for the next manufacturing operation (such as disassembly or assembly), plating or painting, chip removal, rust inhibition, or packaging. Spray washers come in many different styles, with the most popular being cabinet washers (front or top load), conveyor belt washers, or drum washers. All styles are available in multiple sizes, high and low-pressure configurations depending on soil, and can include multiple steps, such as rinsing, sealing, inhibitor application, or drying.

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Graymills Tempest High Pressure Parts Washer

Dimensions: 36″ x 24″ x 66″ (Tempest 10)
Dimensions: 36″ x 40.5″ x 66″ (Tempest 20)

  • Cabinet washers that use 600 psi of heated high-pressure aqueous cleaning solution power to scrub parts clean—no abrasives to damage precision machined parts.
  • Operator simply slips hands into gloves and presses foot pedal to operate.
  • Adjustable hand-held spray nozzle can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint stream to direct cleaning power where needed.
  • Fast heat-up, illuminated cabinet and window-clearing blower are standard on both units.

Better Engineering Rotary Drum Washers

Dimensions: Drums are available in 14″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ diameters and are tailored to each application when it comes to perforation size, the pitch of the helix, and the height of the helix.

  • Line of rotary drum washers that clean small parts in volume. The rotating drum has an internal helix to tumble and convey the parts forward through one or more cleaning stages.
  • The wet stages can have spray, immersion or both, and the hot air dryers run as high as 250° F.
  • Systems are truly modular in that they can be expanded or changed without a torch or welder.

Better Engineering “C”-Series Cyberjet Inline Belt Conveyor Washers

Dimensions: For any model, you can choose the canopy style: hinged tops or hinged doors. Standard belt widths are available in 14”, 24”, 36” and 48”.

  • Cyber-jet Parts Washers that have a modular construction which allows the customer to extend or otherwise modify the system in the future.
  • Types of conveyor systems include: Belt washers, Monorail systems, Multiple conveying options (e.g. chain conveyors with fixtures), Tote washers, Bin washers and more miniaturized units, High pressure and high-speed systems, Dunnage/tote washers, Tube cleaning.
  • The system is built using standard wash, rinse, and dry modules that are bolted together with the load and unload ends are also bolt-on.

Better Engineering Rotary Drum Washers

Dimensions: Available in many sizes, please see pdf attachment

  • Using water based solutions, these heavy duty spray washing systems clean the dirtiest parts in just minutes.
  • Rinse and drystages are optional. Choose from front and top loading styles.
  • Most units have the namesake “Purifier” filtration feature to extend the life of the wash solution.