Centrifugal Barrel

Centrifugal barrels, often called “tumblers” or harperizers, are considered the fastest way to polish, deburr and deflash metal parts. From jet engine blades in the aerospace industry to heart valves and medical implants, barrel finishing is particularly applicable for those who are concerned with part on part infringement. A small number of parts are run in individual barrels or compartments within barrels with the appropriate media. Multiple barrels can be run concurrently making it an effective mass finishing technique. Processes can be wet or dry depending on the finish requirement.

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MFI HZ-Series Centrifugal Barrels

Dimensions: Eight standard models range from .4-12.8 cuft

  • In a matter of minutes this deburring tool can clean up metal, acrylic or rubber vs. what could take hours or even days by hand.
  • Finish achieved by these machines is isotropic, meaning parts are polished uniformly and evenly, something that cannot be achieved by hand.
  • Variable speed control allow these tumbling machines to achieve whatever finish the operator desires, from a simple polish at low speed, to full scale deburring and edge radiusing.