Vibratory, High Energy & Deburring

One of Fortune Metal’s specialties is vibratory and high energy finishing and deburring. Whether your application calls for deburring, pre-plate finishing, polishing, burnishing, cleaning, deflashing, or surface refinement and improvement, we likely have a solution for you. We not only offer the equipment solutions, but also many different types of tumble media and soaps and compounds depending on your process. On the equipment side, we work with industry leaders such as Hammond Roto-Finish, OTEC, and MFI (Mass Finishing Inc) in mass finishing equipment of all types, including vibratory finishing bowls and tubs, centrifugal disc finishers, centrifugal barrel finishers, and spindle (also called drag or stream) finishers. If you require wastewater treatment equipment to take care of the effluent from finishing and washing operations, we can help you navigate these options as well.