Parts Washers & Dryers

How clean is clean, and how do I get there? Cleanliness standards are only getting tougher in today’s manufacturing environment. Fortune Metal understands these cleaning challenges, and have aligned ourselves with top-tier cleaning and washing solutions providers such as Sonicor, Graymills, and Better Engineering. We offer aqueous and solvent industrial parts washers and cleaners of all types, including benchtop ultrasonic cleaners, industrial ultrasonic tanks and generators, agitation and immersion washers, spray washers of all types (front load cabinet, top load cabinet, conveyor, belt, & drum), multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning and passivation systems with automation and transports, vapor degreasers for solvent cleaning, and ultrasonic immersible transducers for retrofit of existing tanks. We also offer parts drying solutions such as centrifugal spin dryers from Fanta New Holland, recirculated hot air dryers, and convection dryers.