Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves in a liquid to mechanically facilitate or enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from surfaces submerged in an ultrasonically activated liquid. An ultrasonic cleaner is most effective when you have small or intricate parts with complex geometries and blind holes that need to be cleaned. The aqueous cleaning process used in an ultrasonic cleaner ensures an efficient, deep clean without the use of solvents or aggressive chemistry that could ultimately affect the condition of the parts or require special handling techniques. Ultrasonic tank cleaners are used heavily in machine shops, medical implant and tool manufacturing, firearms, bearings, aerospace, and jewelry manufacturing. Equipment ranges from small bench-top units to larger multi-stage console systems with multiple processes, automation, passivation, and/or drying.

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Graymills BTV-Series Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners

Dimensions: Benchtop units that come in multiple sizes

  • A series of 40kHz Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners from Graymills.
  • Small footprints make these units ideal for job site “cell” cleaning application or places where space is critical.
  • All models feature self-enclosed design with stainless steel, corrosion-resistant tanks and lift-off covers.
  • Units operate at standard 120V single phase power. Optional stainless steel parts baskets to prevent loss of small parts are available for all models.

Sonicor SG-Series Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Dimensions: Standard tank sizes from 2.5 gallons to 60 gallons

  • The Sonicor “BandScanner” series is the benchmark for efficiency and reliability, among industrial ultrasonic tank/generator systems.
  • A wide range of available operating frequencies are available
  • Heavy-duty units can handle any ultrasonic cleaning application, and withstand the harshest industrial environment.
  • Full range of control options and features to assure process consistency needed for even the most critical cleaning applications.

Graymills TUSR-Series Sonic Liftkleen™

Dimensions: 24” x 20-1/2” x 12” (TUSR24)
Dimensions: 34” x 25-1/2” x 18 (TUSR36)

  • By combining hands-off, total immersion cleaning, easy part load/unload, vertical lift platform agitation and ultrasonic cleaning action, the Sonic Liftkleen offers the most intensive, efficient ultrasonic immersion cleaning system available. Complex parts, like manifolds are no problem.
  • One touch control of the pneumatic air system and electronic controls turns multi-function operation into a simple step.
  • Deep “V-shaped” tank bottom focuses the ultrasonic power on the work load.
  • Air operated lift platform handles loads with ease; Up and down agitation while submerged enhances the cleaning process.

Graymills TUS-Series Large Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaners

Dimensions: 37” x 25” x 14” (max part size)

  • Built to withstand rugged use in applications like engine rebuilding, performance racing, maintenance and manufacturing, but gentle enough to be used in the most delicate of cleaning applications.
  • Full PLC control for ultrasonics, platform oscillation, soak, sparger, filtration & heater.
  • 40 kHz ultrasonic power with built in frequency sweep to virtually eliminate undesirable standing waves.

Sonicor CPS-Series Console Ultrasonic Cleaning and Passivation Systems

Dimensions: 10″-20″ x 12″-24″ (tank sizes)

  • Sonicor “CPS” series consoles offer a complete parts cleaning process line, housed in a rugged, all stainless cabinet/countertop assembly.
  • Standard consoles are available in either three stage CPS3, (ultrasonic clean/rinse/dry), or four stage CPS4,(ultrasonic clean/rinse/rinse/dry) models.