How Do I Decide?

Our metal finishing process engineers work hand-in-hand with your engineering and maintenance teams to spec out equipment, ensure its proper installation and provide assistance throughout the life cycle. We offer a full spectrum of finishing equipment technologies, so the only factors influencing the direction we take are your company’s objectives and the parts themselves. Here are questions we work through with you:

  • Is there a specification (MIL spec, SAE spec, GE, PW, etc.) that must be followed?
  • Are there hourly, daily, or weekly production goals?
    Is this a new process, or are you looking to upgrade an existing process?
  • What challenges are you currently experiencing and what is driving the investment? For example, quality issues, production increase, labor reduction, cost reduction, etc.
  • What type of environment will the equipment be going in to on the production floor? Will it be used in a LEAN cellular environment, or one-piece-flow, or a traditional batch setting?
  • Are there any budgetary restrictions? Footprint restrictions? Wastewater restrictions? Compressed air restrictions? Dust handling capacity restrictions?

Only once we’ve done our homework, we’ll prepare a quote for you.

Contact us about your project and what you want to get done!

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