Wet Blast Cabinets

Fortune Metal recommends Wet Technologies as the leading manufacturer for wet blasting solutions. Wet blasting has advantages for advanced manufacturers and will be adopted more widely in the Northeast in the coming years for a variety of reasons:

  • A dust-free operation leads to a cleaner environment for operators and sensitive manufacturing equipment.
  • The wet process enables deep cleaning without the fear of embedded particles of abrasive in the part substrate.
  • There can be cost and time advantages when washing and blasting are combined into one step, and detergents can be incorporated into the process.
  • The process can reduce or eliminate warping and heat build-up when compared to dry blasting.

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Wet Technologies

As with all equipment, Fortune Metal seeks to understand application requirements before recommending solutions. Semi-automated, automated and standard manual cabinets are all possibilities.

We invite you to learn more about Wet Technologies and to contact us if you are interested in learning about the benefits of wet blasting for your business.