Vapor Degreasers

Vapor degreasers use a solvent in place of aqueous solutions to clean various contaminants from parts. Typically, the parts are placed in baskets and lowered into the machine via a crane or other automated material handling system. The parts are either submerged in the solvent or suspended above the solvent in the vapor zone where the solvent can condense on the parts allowing the soils to dissolve away. Options for cleaning including ultrasonics or spraying systems for imparting additional mechanical energy to the process. Solvent distillation and filter systems can dramatically extend the life of solvents, helping cleanliness levels and keeping costs low. Some advantages of vapor degreasing over aqueous-based processes include 100% dry parts immediately on removal from the degreaser and the ability to clean tough soils and heavy oils at lower temperatures.

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Sonicor “D”- Series Vapor Degreasers and Solvent Cleaning Systems

Dimensions: Six standard sizes, and four basic process configurations.

  • Sonicor “D” series combines the rugged durability of Sonicor ultrasonic technology with state-of-the-art emissions control and safety features, to produce a line of vapor degreasing systems.
  • Sonicor vapor degreasers are designed with the flexibility to operate safely with a wide range of non-flammable degreasing solvents.
  • Every Sonicor degreaser includes control features and emissions limiting features to ensure operator safety and compliance with applicable regulations.