Agitation / Immersion

Agitation and immersion parts washers expose all surfaces of the part, including blind holes and small crevices, to the cleaning solution. By combining hands-off, total immersion cleaning, easy part load/unload, vertical lift platform agitation and optional Graymills Superflo™ pump jet action, the Liftkleen™ offers the most intensive, efficient immersion cleaning system available. Complex parts, stacked or nested parts are no problem. As your shop grows, additional tanks can be added to make up a modular cleaning line with multiple stages if needed. Options include multiple tank sizes and configurations, ultrasonics, heavy part load capability, and dryers. Industries include all manufacturing industries and Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) facilities.

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Graymills Agitation / Immersion Washers

Dimensions: Variety of tank sizes and options, including stainless steel tanks, filtration systems and baskets.

  • Hands-off, immersion cleaning that gets parts cleaner, faster without manual handling or scrubbing.
  • Unlike spray cabinet type cleaners that employ spray nozzles, total immersion cleaners bring cleaning action to every external and internal surface-even blind holes.
  • Solvent and heated aqueous versions available, with pumps that provide up to 10,000 GPH. The heated aqueous units come standard with energy-saving insulation and corrosion-resistant, insulated stainless steel-lined lids.