Centrifugal Wheelblast (Airless)

Given our foundry roots, Fortune Metal has a special capability advising on wheel blast processes and solutions.

Centrifugal wheel blasting equipment is a fast, efficient, economical way to blast clean castings, pipes, weldments, structural steel, and other types of manufactured or fabricated workpieces. Using electrically driven wheels with blades on them, abrasive is flung, or hurled at the workpieces in bulk and at high speed.
Metallic abrasive, such as steel or stainless steel (hyperlinks to Ervin) shot or grit are typically used in order to transmit lots of energy to the workpieces for a faster blast cleaning rate than any airblast system could provide. Hardened blades, wheel components, and cabinet liners are used to keep machine wear to a minimum. The recyclability of the abrasive, the ability of the machine to run autonomously during time cycles, and the elimination of expensive compressed air make wheel blasting an economical choice when applicable.
Applications for wheel blast include applying anchor patterns for coating adhesion, removing rust and scale, investment shell removal from castings, finishing of die castings, deburring/deflashing, and general aesthetic surface finishing. Equipment styles include tumble blast, spinner hanger hook machines, table machines, pass-through, and monorail machines.
Have questions about wheel blasting? Contact our Foundry Specialist, Jeff Shelly, who has 40 years of experience with this equipment.