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Otec Drag, Spindle & Disc Finishing

Quality German manufacturing at a reasonable price

High speed precision finishing using 
Disc, Drag and Spindle machines

High energy DISC finishing is a fast and efficient method of surface finishing including polishing, grinding and deburring. Parts are placed in a rapidly rotating disc with media that continually moves upwards on the wall of the disc and then spirals down to a rotating inner base plate where it is re-energized.  This process ensures even parts processing and media wear and takes a fraction of the time required for vibratory finishing

Otec disc finishers are available with 3 to 50 liter bowls with multiple bowl wet and dry processing options

In DRAG and SPINDLE finishing, heavy or unusually shaped parts are attached to fixtures,  lowered  into media and dragged or rotated through at high speed allowing for fast polishing, deburring  or surface enhancement. These machines are available in a broad range of sizes and capabilities with specific configurations offered for tooling, jewelry, and pharmaceutical applications as well as general manufacturing.  Significant advantages include:

  • Ideal for high value components,  such as  medical implants, aircraft engines, precision gears, and pharmaceutical equipment.
  • Adjustable process from highly aggressive grinding to fine polishing.
  • Complete part isolation eliminates any impingement on other parts of machine.
  • High energy means very short cycle times as compared to conventional mass finishing.
  • Smooth and quiet operation with no vibration.

Demonstrations, testing, and process development can all be done locally. Processes have been developed for most applications.

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