Fortune Metal Finishing

job shop

Our full-service job shop is ready to help with all your surface preparation needs prior to final finish.  We also provide consumer services, for cleaning and paint removal from auto parts, lawn furniture, bike frames

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Using Fortune Metal's job shop makes sense.  We can save you time and money by taking on the jobs you don’t want, are not equipped to handle or do not support your operational goals.

It’s a “no need” proposition:

  1. No need for you to hire and train additional personnel. Our experienced technicians are ready to go.
  2. No need for you to spend money on the purchase and upkeep of equipment you're not using all the time. We know—and have—the right machine to use on your parts!
  3. No need for you to select, purchase, and maintain inventories of abrasives and media. We know (and stock) the composition, sizes and compounds you need.
  4. No need to worry about wastewater. If you are on the MWRA system, you know what we mean!
  5. No need for cumbersome or costly delivery arrangements.  We’re conveniently located near the junction of the Mass Pike and Route 128. In many cases we can pick up and deliver right to your loading dock.

For more information or to run a sample of your parts call us at (866) 449-4160 or e-mail

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