Fortune Metal 3D Suction Blast Cabinet

A Suction Blast Cabinet Designed for Finishing 3D!

The Fortune Metal 3D Suction Blast Cabinet surface preps additive-manufactured metal production parts, leaving them with a consistent finish over their entire surface. The cabinet fits into tight office and industrial workspaces, yet is versatile and rugged enough to finish a wide range of parts with complex geometries.

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3D Blast Cabinet

Fortune Metal 3D Suction Blast Cabinet

Working Dimensions: 24”w x 18”d x 19”h

  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Compact, free-standing design.
  • Safe for use in office and industrial environments.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Uses most common 60-180 mesh abrasives: glass bead, steel shot, aluminum oxide and more.

Learn why blasting is a finishing solution for 3D Parts.

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Which metal finishing methods work for 3D printed parts?

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Exploring Metal Finishing Methods for 3D-Printed Parts

We partnered with Desktop Metal to test finishing methods on metal parts printed with the Studio System™.

What can you learn from our research?

  • Fundamental rules of mass finishing and abrasive blasting
  • Which blast media to use for a shiny or matte finish
  • Which is the fastest finishing method
  • How high energy mass finishing compares to abrasive blasting

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